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Q: Saliva is primarily responsible for the digestion of what major food type?
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What is salivary glands responsible for?

The major and minor salivary glands produce saliva. Saliva has many functions, including lubrication of food, digestion, protection against microorganisms, etc.

What primarily contains the major organs of digestion?

abdominal cavity

Organ responsible for chemical digestion and absorbtion of food?

The major organ responsible for chemical digestion and absorption of food is the small intestine.

Who is primarily responsible for preparing an Analysis of Alternatives for a major acquisition program?


What organ is the first major site in the process of chemical digestion?

Its the mouth.........cause saliva breaks down some amount of starch into simple sugars. but its not a very major site..............

Which major class of nutrients is primarily responsible for providing that full feeling after a meal?


What is the major function that helps to process of digestion by keeping the mouth moist and comfortable when you chew and swallow?

Salivation is the function that helps digestion by keeping the mouth moist and comfortable when you chew and swallow. The salivary glands secrete saliva for this purpose. The saliva also moistens the food (a physical change), and begins to chemically alter the food with enzymes (a chemical change).

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It is primarily the zygomaticus major and risorius muscles that are responsible for a smile, aided in part by the action of the buccinator :)

What does a life insurance saliva test test for?

Saliva pH, in order to rule out major illnesses.

What is the 2 major phases of digestion?


What cell type is primarily responsible for producing protein fibers found in connective tissue proper?

Elastin Fiber.

What are the major body parts of chemical digestion?

the major part of the chemical digestion is the HCL (hydro chloric acid)