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Bones Ligaments heart brain stamina positive and negative emotions

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Q: Six reasons why trainers need to study Anatomy and Physiology?
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What is the study of the human body and how it works called?


From where should I Study Voice Anatomy and Physiology in Belgium?

Study Voice Anatomy and Physiology in Belgium and learn the fascinating world of anatomy and physiology, join us and get the chance to study voice anatomy and physiology. The purpose of this study is to summarize the life and work of the French. Ferrin made an impact on the history of anatomy and physiology through his work and especially with Keywords. Antoine Ferrin, history of anatomy, vocal cords, renal anatomy, medical biography.

What is the difference between anatomy and physiology 1 and 2?

Anatomy is the study of body structure and Physiology is the study of body function.

Anatomy and physiology?

anatomy- the study of the stucture of the body physiology- the study of the functions of the body

In what way does physiology depend on anatomy?

Physiology depends on anatomy because whilst anatomy is study of the bodies' structures, physiology is the study of the functions of those structures. So in short without structure there is no function.

Is the study of living subjects anatomy or physiology?

anatomy - the study of structure physiology - the study of function

Logic is the study of anatomy and physiology of?


What is anatomy and physiology?

What ARE anatomy and physiology? These are two areas of medical study. Anatomy is the discipline or area of study which deals with the structure of tissues, organs and organisms. Physiology is the discipline which is more concered with the function of cells, tissues, organs and organisms.

The study of the liver is to gross anatomy as the study of the liver cell is to?


What principle is the study of anatomy and physiology based?


What is veneology?

the study of the anatomy, physiology, and diseases of veins.

What is the study of body structure?

Structure of the body comes under anatomy. The function of the body comes under physiology. These are basic branches of the medical sciences.