Sore bump on neck

Updated: 4/28/2022
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A sore bump on the neck can be caused by several things. It may be a pimple or a small boil that is coming to a head. If it does not go away or gets worse, it is best to see a doctor about it.

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Q: Sore bump on neck
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What could be a bump on back of neck sore to the touch and cause stiffness?

If this is happening to you, you might have a minor bruised neck bone. Talk to your doctor.

What are the symptoms of a torn tendon in neck?

sore neck

Can Running make your neck Hurt?

Yes or No yes. if you already have a sore neck it is very common but not unusual to have a sore neck after running for a while.

What is a firm sore lump on the lower part of the neck on the left side with stiff and sore neck muscles?

I believe it is the thoart

Red bump behind your ear?

no red bump behind my ear. behind my ear it just sore

Can you get a bump on your lip if you kiss someone?

Yes, it is a virus called oral herpes which manifests itself as a cold sore, or "bump".

I noticed a bump on the side of my neck under my skin It's been there for a couple of months Should I get it checked out by a doctor?

Yes, it is important to have the bump on your neck checked by a doctor.

Why your neck is sore after snowboarding?

Because you use muscles in your neck you don't normally use

What does mean if there is a bump on your lip?

I'm no doctor but either you have a hold sore or a wart.

What is this sore bump on the base of your skull near your ear?

Go and ask a doctor

I have one bump on my upper lip since I was 16 year old and I want to know how to get rid of it. I already used the cold sore cream and it doesn't work. I have that bump for a very long time.?

If the bump has been there continuously, it is not a cold sore. See a dermatologist for a diagnosis and for treatment options.

What is a hard bump on your jawline above your ear that is causing your jaw and neck and right eye to be sore?

You could have a cyst. They can grow almost anywhere. You should make an appointment to see if they can drain it or get rid of it for you. Good luck and God Bless:)