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Axial Sue The Librarian Axial Skeleton

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Q: The ....skeleton is the name of the bones that comprise the skull and the vertebral column?
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Why is the vertebral column considered the center of the skeleton?

The bones of the skeleton are in some way connected to the vertebral column.

What are the Bones comprising the skull and vertebral column called?

axial skeleton

What bones make up the axial skeleton?

The bones of the skullThe bones of the thoraxThe bones of the vertebral column

Name the bone that forms part of the axial skeleton?

The major bones of the axial skeleton include the skull, the vertebral column, the ribcage, and the sternum.


the axial skeleton consists of the skull, vertebral column, ribs and sternum.

What are the names of bones present in axial skeleton?

Skull.Backbone ( vertebral column).Breast bone ( sternum ).Ribs.

The axial skin skeleton includes bones from?

The axial part of the skeleton consists of: the skull, vertebral column (spine), rib cage and sternum.

The axial skeleton includes?

all bones in the areas of your body that are not appendages ribs

What are the names of the Bones that comprise skull and vertebral?


Which bone makes up the center of the skeleton?

The axial skeleton is the bones that make up the centre or core of the skeleton to which the appendicular skeleton which bones attach to.

Why the vertebral column of the human skeleton made up of many bones?

Many bones have many joints, hence, great flexibility.

What bones make up the skeleton of the trunk?

The axial skeleton is the part of the human skeleton that consists of bones of the head and trunk. It consists of 80 bones and is split into 8 different parts. Some are the skull bones, the ossicles of the middle ear, the hyoid bone, the rib cage, the sternum, and the vertebral column.