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The passage way is Bronchi to Bronchioles then alveoli to alveolar ducts and exchange of gasses occurs in alveoli.

So Answer is No..bronchi not goes directly to alveoli.

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Q: The bronchi go directly into the alveoli.?
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Does air go to alveoli first then bronchi?

Trachea> Bronchii> Bronchioles (smaller branches of bronchii) > Alveoli

Are the alveoli distal or proximal to the bronchi?

The alveoli and bronchi are both parts of the respiratory tree. The main parts of this structure, in the order of air passing through during inspiration are: trachea, bronchi, bronchioles, and alveoli. The alveoli are distal to the bronchi, because they are farther away from the center of the body then the bronchi.

Which part of the respiratory system divides into smaller and similar tubes in a pattern that resembles the branches of a tree?

trachea --> bronchi -->bronchioles --> alveoli

What are the tiny air sacs called in the bronchi branches?


What does each lung consist?

Bronchi, Bronchioles and Alveoli. Bronchi and Bronchioles - transport systems Alveoli - Respiration occurs

Which of the following is not a component of the lungs bronchi or alveoli or pharynx?


What are the terminal ends of the bronchi?

Bronchi is branched in primary and secondary. bronchi is branch of bronchus.

What are the small air tubes that lead to the alveoli called?

The tubes that connect the bronchi with the alveoli are the bronchioles.

What is at the tip of each bronchi-ole?


Branches of the windpide that lead into the lungs are the?

trachea- primary bronchi- secondary bronchi- tertiary bronchi- bronchiole- alveoli

Is the alveoli located at end of bronchi?

They're located at the end of the bronchioles which are connected to the bronchi

Why are the alveoli and bronchi separated in the lungs?

The bronchi are the tubes that actually carry the air to the lungs, they have a different function than the alveoli which function in the process for gas exchange.