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Natural Killer cells (NK)

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video camera cells

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NK cells

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Q: The cells that perform immunological surveillance are the?
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What cells has been implicated in playing a role in immunological reactions of the skin?

Mast cells are involved in allergic reaction.

Can human cells perform mitosis?

all cells perform mitosis, except sex cells which perform meiosis

What are the immune cells that produce free antibodies?

B lymphocytes that will divide to form 1.plasma cells which produce specific antibodies and 2.memory cells which is the basis of immunological response.

What is body's antibody maker?

chuck norris

In what type of cells does respiration?

Either sex cells or body cells. Sex cells perform mieosis, and body cels perform mitosis.

Which term describes leukocytes that provide immunological defenses against many infectious organisms?

Leukocytes are white blood cells

What cells uses mitosis?

Somatic cells or body cells perform mitosis.

What can perform cellular respiration Which can perform photosynthesis Plant cells animal cells fungal cells?

Animal and fungi are not photosynthetic. So plant is the answer

What has the author David W Weiss written?

David W. Weiss has written: 'Tumor antigenicity and approaches to tumor immunotherapy' -- subject(s): Immunological aspects, Immunological aspects of Tumors, Immunotherapy, Tumor antigens, Tumors 'Immunological parameters of host-tumor relationships' -- subject(s): Cancer, Cellular Immunity, Immunological aspects, Immunological aspects of Cancer, Immunological aspects of Tumors, Tumors

What means many cells?

A tissue is many cells (which perform a similar function) joined together to perform a task

What has the author Jean Lindenmann written?

Jean Lindenmann has written: 'Immunological aspects of viral oncolysis' -- subject(s): Tumors, Immunological aspects, Immunological aspects of Tumors

What is the basis of immunological memory?

Clonal selection and differentiation of lymphocytes provide the basis for immunological memory.