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It is called synaptogenesis.

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Q: The development of new connections between brain cells is called?
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What area of the brain is affected in cerebral palsy?

The area of the brain that is affected by cerebral palsy is the cerebrum, it involves connections between the cortex and the cerebelum. This disorder usually starts at an early age or at the time of birth.

At what age does the brain finally develop?

It starts to develop in utero and completes most of its development by the mid twenties, between 21 to 25.

What changes occur in the brain during the teenage years?

teenagers think about the offspring with girls

How do cells communicate in the brain between white matter and grey matter?

white matter is the area of the brain that contains neurons having what is called a myelin sheath. This sheath is a fatty coating between neuronal connections that makes communication between them much faster and more efficient. This is generally associated with well learned or heavily used connections. For example, your mother's name will certainly have this myelin sheath whereas that person you just met five minutes ago will take continued reinforcement to remember. grey matter is the brain's remaining area for potential growth and connections. white and grey areas are not separate entities that communicate per se. think of grey matter as undeveloped rural land with few or no roads, and white matter as a city with many venues of communication and a high density of information. grey matter is the brain's potential. thus the saying "use your grey matter".

What is the definition of brain fissures?

Brain fissures are convolutions in the structure of the brain that form valleys between folds. The valleys are called fissures or sulci (plural of sulcus), and lie between the raised folds called gyri (singular gyrus).Many brain features are identified with fissures, including Broca's fissure, the Fissure of Sylvius, the central (Rolando's) fissure, and the hippocampal fissure.

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How kids retain the asnwer?

kids have 'fluid intelligence' - since their brain connections between neurons (brain cells) are just developing, new information is retained much better than in adults, where much less brain development occurs

What is the name give to the connections between the nerve cells in our brain?


The brain's comes from the complicated connections between simple pieces?


Research on brain development suggests that repeated learning experiences seem to?

strengthen neural connections at the location that processes the experiences.

What other animals have no brain?

Some lower invertebrates have what is called a ganglia, which is basically a poorly developed brain, but many lower invertebrates have no brain, and just connections of nerves throughout the body, which is called a nerve net.

What percentage of brain development happens between ages 0-5?


How do brain connections affect learning?

Because the connections in the brain are what makes your brain work, without connections there's nothing to process or indicate, the process of learning is severely affected by these connections, and if it weren't for them, well, my name wouldn't be Mr. Science 8=D~>-|o

Why was evolving a big brain a survival advantage for humans?

The development of a big brain enabled humans to have more brain cells and discover things. it also created more connections to the body so hand-eye coordination developed to the aid of humans.

How do language development and cognitive development interact?

Social interaction and spoken language stimulate different parts of the brain than being alone and not talking or communicating. Learning builds new connections in the brain, and repetition of language and social interactions strengthens those connections, building social bonds, and enhancing communicative abilities.

What connects the Neurons in the brain at the intersection?

Synapses are connections between neurons through which "information" flows from one neuron to another.

What is the diencephalon also called?

The between brain

What is the difference between an adolescent brain and adult brain?

A young brain is still in development. While an adult's brain has matured and, depending on age, could actually be in decline due to loss of brain cells.