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release energy

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Q: The main reason that cells carry out cellular respiration is to?
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What is the reason cells carry out cellular respiration?

Release energy-Smile and have a nice day :D

Do plants cells or animal cells carry out cellular respiration?

Yes. Plants and animals need energy. Energy must therefore be made in the cells.No, only animal cells carry on cellular respiration.animal cells carryon cellular respiration. plant cells carry out photosynthesis which is the opposite of respiration.

When do cells carry out cellular respiration?

to produce ATP

Do cells of alveolar is lungs also respire oxygen to carry out cellular respiration?

Yes, they do use oxygen to carry out cellular respiration.

When is cellular respiration performed?

cellular respiration is preformed when the cells need to obtain energy from glucose.

What kind of organisms carry out respiration?

Anaerobes like archaebacteria and other microorganisms

Why do cells need to carry out cellular respiration?

coz ya gay

What two ingredients are needed for your cells to carry out cellular respiration?

You need oxygen and glucose.

What organelle carries out cellular respiration in plants?

This, of course, would be the mitochondria.Glycolysis takes place in the cytosol outside said organelle.

What is the reaction of cellular respiration?

The purpose of cellular respiration is to get energy from food and store it in the form of ATP, adenosine triphosphate, which is an energy storage molecule the cells use to carry out their functions.

The cells of a redwood tree require oxygen for the process of?

Cellular Respiration

What is organelle that carry out cellular Respiration an photosynthesis?

Cellular respiration and photosynthesis are processes carried out in separate organelles within the cell. Cellular respiration occurs within mitochondria present in all living cells - both plant and animal. Photosynthesis occurs within the chloroplasts of plant cells only.