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Q: The ovaries are located in the lateral wall of what cavity?
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Where in a woman's body is an ovary?

An ovary is located in the lateral wall of the pelvis region of a woman's body. This region is known as the ovarian fossa. Ovaries are not attached to fallopian tubes.

What is the gateway to the nasal cavity?

Naris (nostril) Cribriform plate (roof of the cavity) Sphenopalatine foramen (on lateral wall) Incisive canal (on cavity floor between nasal cavity & Palate)

What is location of the ovaries of the fetal pig?

The ovaries of a fetal pig are located on each side of the pelvic cavity. Ovaries are only found on a female fetal pig.

What do it means high lateral wall ischemia?

high lateral wall

Most nasal passages have how many turbinates present on the lateral wall of each nasal cavity?

3 - upper, middle, and lower (sometimes referred to as conchae)

What is a cavity wall?

A Cavity wall has a cavity or cavities within the wall. Examples are masonry, such as concrete block or brick with two separate wall layers separated by a continuous cavity, or a timber framed wall with a brick veneer separated by a continuous cavity. The cavity is often used as a drainage or ventilation space, reducing moisture transmission through the wall.

The wall of the pulp cavity is surrounded by what?

The wall of the pulp cavity is surrounded by Dentin

What is a coelum?

the body cavity that surrounds the gut in invertebrates

What is the strongest wall of the bony orbit?

lateral wall

What is a coelm?

Coelom /ˈsēləm/: The body cavity in metazoans, located between the intestinal canal and the body wall.

Brief explanation of what a cavity wall tie do?

Simply put, a wall tie connects the inner and external walls of a cavity wall.

Where are fallopian tubes located?

The Fallopian tubes are located in the posterior wall of the pelvic cavity. Each Fallopian tube carries the oocyte from the ovary to the uterus.