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The Cell Membrane.

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Q: The structure of Cells that provide Its boundaries is called?
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What is the purpose of the cell well?

to provide structure to plant cells, like how bones provide our bodies with structure

What type of tissue hold things together and provide structure and support?

In the brain, they are called glial cells.

What is the structure called when its a ball like structure of about 100 cells?


What are cells that rely on plants to provide energy called?

They are called heterotrophic cells.

What is a change in cell structure and orientation?

A change in the structure of cells and their orientation to each other is called anaplasia.

What structure make blood cells and provide muscles to attach?

the correct answer is bone.

Cells have a support structure within the cytoplasm called the cytoplasm true or false?

true or false? cells have support structure within the cytoplasm called the cytoskeleton

What are cells that have a central nucleus and a complicated inner structure called?

Eukaryotic cells.

Concerning cells structure determines?

Cells provide structure, stability, and energy. A cell also determines the sex of the concerning child because they contain genetic material. Therefore, concerning cell structure determine the function.

What is a structure outside the plasma membrane and gives support to some cells?

This structure is called a cell wall and it is found in plant cells and bacteria cells.

What is the reproductive structure of a mushroom?

The reproductive structure of a mushroom are tiny cells called spores.

A structure that digests worn out cells and bacteria is called?