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The Cell Membrane

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Q: Transport proteins and cholesterol are embedded in this structure?
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What is the basic structure of the plasma membrane?

The main framework of the plasma membrane is a phospholipid bilayer. Embedded in this phospholipid bilayer are proteins, glycoproteins, cholesterol and glycolipids.

Series of proteins embedded in a membrane?

You may be referring to the proteins in the electron transport chain

What is the function of proteins and carbohydrates that are embedded in a cell membrane-?

The function of proteins and carbohydrates that are embedded in a cell membrane are to transport nutrients and waste in and out of the cell.

What are the four types of protein in a cell membrane?

transport proteins receptor proteins enzyme proteins cholesterol

Part of cell membrane used for transport?

The membrane proteins are the part of the cell used for transport. The proteins are embedded in the cell's lipid bilayer.

What is a series of proteins embedded in the cristae membranes of the mitochondrion?

Electron transport system

What embedded in the cell membrane can help with active transport?

I think it's Proteins

Both active transport and facilitated transport utilize what specific proteins embedded in the cell membrane?

I think its lipid.Carrier

What is appearance of vesicle?

A small spherical phospholipid bilayer (for polar substances) or monolayer (for hydrophobic substances). They also have embedded, enclosing or attached proteins for targeting, structure and transport.

What are some modulators of membrane fluidity?

Some moderators of membrane fluidity are the proteins embedded in it and cholesterol molecules also.

Passive transport of materials across a plasma membrane by transport proteins embedded in the plasma membrane is what type of diffusion?

Facilitated Diffusion

A structure in the cytoplasm where proteins are made?

The [endoplasmically embedded] Ribosomes. See RER and SER.

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