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There are MANY causes of crepitations in the chest!! Crepitations in the chest are basically crackles heard in the chest when listening with a stethoscope, and are similar to the sound of rubbing hair between your fingers.
Crepitations are present in all sorts of conditions, and really are non-specific. Crepitations are usually divided into 'coarse' and 'fine', and may occur during inspiration or expiration, although expiratory crackles/crepitations are more common.
Fine crepitations may indicate fibrosis (scarring) in the lungs, or some degree of collapse (which can be normal). Coarse crepitations may indicate fluid on the lungs (which could be caused by ANY number of conditions), infection, etc.
Nothing can be interpreted from the statement "I have crepitations". For that, you need to know the 'texture' (fine/coarse), location, phase (i.e. inspiratory, or expiratory or both), loudness, side (left, right or both?), etc. And then that needs to be interpreted with the general inspection of the chest, percussion of the chest (tapping on the chest), and palpation (feeling the chest) PLUS the medical history provides 80% of the information!!! Very rarely is anything in medicine as simple as a single sign being synonymous with a single condition. Hope this helps!
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Q: What Causes of crepitation in chest?
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