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There are many different types of connective tissue, each with their own specific characteristics, however, three general characteristics are:

  • Connective tissue is well vascularized (has a good supply of veins and arteries and therefore good supply of oxygen and nutrients).
  • They recover from injury well due to being able to reproduce quickly.
  • They have a lot of space between cells (extracellular matrix).
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Q: What are 3 general characteristics of a connective tissue?
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What are types of mature connective tissue?

a. loose connective tissue 1. aerolalar connective tissue 2.adipose tissue 3.retigular connective tissue b. Dense connective tissue 1.dense irregular connective tissue 2.dense regular connective tissue 3.elastic connective tissue

What are the 3 major groups of connective tissue?

Connective Tissue Proper Fluid Connective Tissues Supporting Connective Tissues

Most abundant tissue in the body?

Connective tissue ( . )( . )

What are the three tissue subgroups of connective tissue?

Epithelial, muscle, and nervous. Disagree- the 3 subgroups are: loose, dense, and connective tissue with special properties. Subgroups within dense are: dense irregular, in which the extracellular fibers are interwoven in disordered fashion, and dense irregular, in which the extracellular fibers are in parallel bundles. Subgroups in the special properties connective tissue are named to indicate the identifying feature, such as mucous connective tissue, elastic connective tissue or reticular connective tissue.

Name the 3 types of fibers in areolar connective tissue?

The three types of fibers in areolar connective tissue are collagen, elastic and reticular.

What type of cells are in connective tissue?

Connective tissue is sub divided into 3 typesConnective Tissue proper-These can be divided into 4 parts- Areolar tissue, Adipose tissue, Tendon, LigamentSkeletal Tissue- Cartilage and bone are its further types.Vascular Tissue- It is often called fluid connective tissue. It has two further types called Blood and Lymph

What are the tissues found in animals?

1 nervous tissue , 2 muscle tissue, 3 epithelial tissue , 4 connective tissue

What kind of tissue is the iris made of?

loose aereolar connective tissue. this connective tissue is made up of 3 connective tissue fibres, collagen, elastic and reticular fibres. it contains fibroblast (most abundant cell type in connective tissue, which produces ground substance and fibres of connective tissue), macrophages, mast cells and plasma cells. its function is to hold and trap fluid, wrap and cushion organs and is important in inflammation.

What is a connectve tissue?

Connective tissue, as it names suggests, has a 'connective' function. It supports and binds tissues in the body. There are three types of connective tissue. 1. Loose - most common. Collagen, elastic, reticular fibres. 2. Dense (or fibrous) - tendons and ligaments 3. Specialised - e.g. adipose (fat) tissue is a type of specialised loose connective tissue.

What are the 3 types of connective tissue fibers produced by?

iotarive henacers

What is four main groups of the animal tissue?

1- Epithelial tissue 2- Connective tissue 3- Muscle tissue 4- Nervous tissue

How does loose connective tissue differ from dense connective tissue?

Loose Connective Tissue consists of a lot of ground substance and it has all 3 types of protein fibers. Dense Connective Tissue on the other hand has little ground substance, few cells, and although it has most protein fibers it mainly consists of collagen fibers.

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