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Neurons are the cells that carry signals from one neuron to another neuron, a muscle, or a gland.

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Neurons. Nerves.

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the cell wall

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Q: What are cells that are modified to transmit signals from one place to another?
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What cells process and transmit most chemical signals?


What nerve Cells transmit signals to muscle Cells?

These Types of nerve Cells are Known As Motor Neurons.

What is A specialized that can receive and transmit signals to other cells like it called?


What is the function of the nerve cells?

The functions of the nerve cells is to carry messages around our body. To adapt to their job, they are very long and are branched at each end.Nerve cells receive, carry, and pass electrical impulses.Neurons (or nerve cells) are the smallest unit of the nervous system which send signals to the rest of the body to perform what ever function the brain wants it to; such as telling the heart to beat.

Nerve agents affect the way in which nerve cells transmit signals in the body this process is called?


What is a cell that can receive and transmit signals?

Actually all cells can send and receive signals. For example every cell has a CD95(FASr) which receives signals from natural killer cells or T cells and results in cell death. Also all cells send signals through cell membrane receptors to neighboring cells. These signals prevent neighboring cell colonies from growing too big.(The lack of these signals is one of the problems with certain cancer cells)

Which sense organ helps us to feel things?

The nervous system helps your body to sense things around it by taking in input from receptor cells, which sense things, and transmit these signals at super-fast speeds to your brain, which processes the signals. These signals are then sent back through the nervous system to muscle cells or another form of output, such as salivary glands.

Type of tissue that sends electrical signals through the body?

Nerve cells can transmit electrical impulses throughout the body.

Why do you think only solar cells and not dry cells or automobile batteries are used in satellites?

the others require a medium in order to transmit and recieve the signals from outer space

Which of the following is a way that cells can communicate with each other?

Transmit electrochemical signals, secrete substances into blood stream, ans release molecules that spread to nearby cells

What does Axons transmit?

Axons are nerve fibers which extend as long, slender projections from nerve cells. They transmit electrical and electrochemical signals across the gap at a junction(synapse) between them and the other cell.

Can neuroglia cells transmit action potentials from one nerve cell to another?