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They smell with their feet.

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Q: What are facts about the western pygmy blue butterfly?
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What is the smallest butterfly?

The Western Pygmy Blue Butterfly is the smallest butterfly.

What is the smallest butterfly in the world?

What is the smallest butterfly ?

What is the worlds smallest butterfly?

The smallest butterfly on record is the Western Pygmy Blue Butterfly.

Smallest butterfly in the world?

The smallest species of butterflies in the world is the Western Pygmy Blue Butterfly.

What is the smallest butterfly known and how small?

The smallest known butterfly is the Western Pygmy Blue, which averages about 3/8 inch in size, and has a diminutive .62-inch wingspan.

What are facts about the brenton blue butterflies?

Some facts about the Brenton blue butterfly include that it is native to South Africa. This butterfly was discovered in 1858 and is endangered.

Who is the biggest and smallest butterfly?

The world's largest butterfly is the 'Queen Alexandra's Birdwing' of New Guinea with a wingspan of 12 1/2 inches or 32 cm. The world's smallest butterfly is the 'Western Pygmy Blue' of the southern US with a wingspan of 0.62 inches or 15 mm.

How wide are butterflies wings?

It depends on what species of butterfly it is. The smallest is the Western Pygmy blue from Africa, which has a half an inch wingspan. The Largest butterfly is the Queen Alexandria's Birdwing, it has a wingspan of 11 inches and is endangered and it lives in New Guinea.More information at

What is the wingspan of the western tailed blue butterfly?

Their wingspan is up to 1.125" wide

What the black and blue butterfly called?

The black and blue butterfly is called the Blue Morpho butterfly. They are a bright blue butterfly that have black edges around the wings.

Spiritual meaning of blue butterfly?

The spiritual meaning of a blue butterfly is joy or happiness. Spotting a blue butterfly or having a blue butterfly light on you can have a calming effect.

What are facts about adonis blue butterfly?

One fact about the Adonis blue butterfly is that their source of food is horseshoe vetch. When they are till larvae ants will protect them because the larvae secrete a sugar that feeds the ants.

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