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Arsemic is found in food, water and in air. they been shown that they are in metals such as silver, cobalt, and nickel.

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Q: What are some important facts about arsenic?
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When is green wood safe to burn?

When the green can be felt such as mold although when it is imbedding in the wood that is arsenic and when you burn it the arsenic is transfered into the air.

Symptoms of arsenic poisoning?

Arsenic is one of the most toxic elements to fish. Acute exposures can result in immediate death. Chronic exposures can result in the accumulation of the metalloid to toxic levels. In fish, bizarre morphological alterations, as well as early neoplastic alterations are produced in the liver.

What is the effect of arsenic on cellular respiration?

It prevents the protons (H+) from moving back into the inner membrane of the mitochondria from the proton gradient. Thus, proton trasnport is prevented.

What is the antidote for lead poisoning?

There is no element that serves as an arsenic antagonist. The treatment of choice for acute arsenic poisoning is BAL (2,3-dimercaptopropanol). although other complex compounds may also be used. BAL seems to slow or reduce arsenic transition across the blood-brain barrier. For chronic arsenic poisoning, the picture becomes much more complex, as long term arsenic toxicity creates a myriad of sympoms and related disorders, including some forms of cancer. Generally, in this case, the symptoms are treated and occassionally the root cause may not even be detected. Again, BAL and it's similar compounds make be used to chelate the arsenic and convert it into a water-soluble form which may be washed out of the body. See the links to follow for details.

What are some interesting facts about the nervous system?

The nervous system tells when you are hurting or are in pain.

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Why do arsenic important?

Arsenic do important because element. Do.

What are some interesting facts about arsenic?

The most common oxidation states for arsenic are -3 arsenides, such as alloy-like intermetallic compounds, plus 3 in arsenates.

How do we get arsenic?

Arsenic is extracted from some minerals.

Do arsenic and nitrogen have similar properties?

Arsenic and nitrogen are members of the same group of the periodic table of Mendeleev - group 15 (pnictides); the have have some similar chemical properties but the differences are also very important.

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What are facts about arsenic?

Arsenic is known to be a highly poisonous element. long term exposure to Arsenic in low doses can cause skin discolouration, corns and warts. In higher doses will lead to death. There are small quantities found in apple seeds. Arsenic is also used both in rat poison and cigarettes

Does arsenic have a certain smell?

Arsenic does have a particular smell that is almost natural. Some people however cannot smell the smell that arsenic has.

How can arsenic be a nurtrient even though its toxic?

Some bacteria can use arsenic for the life.

What are some properties of arsenic?

arsenic is semi-metallic and it usually white but can turn from gray to black

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