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The effects of liver fluke are referred to as fascioliasis, and includeanaemia, weight lossand sub-mandibularoedema. Diarrhea is only an occasional consequence of liver fluke. Liver fluke is diagnosed by yellow-brown eggs in thefeces.

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Q: What are the characteristics of Fasciola hepatica?
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When was Fasciola hepatica created?

Fasciola hepatica was created in 1758.

What is the common name for fasciola hepatica?

liver fluke

What is the scientific name of fasciola hepatica?

common liver fluke

What do Fasciola eat?

Fasciola Hepatica is well known as a liver fluke. It is a parasite in the liver that feeds on biliary ducts.

Action of Fasciola hepatica in liver?

in the life cycle of fasciola hepatica it mature in the bile duct and capsules of liver cells .after maturation it begins to produce eggs. Thus it causes damage the liver cells and block the bile duct. that create problem in liver.

How fasciola hepatica differs from fasciola gigantica?

Difiere por el tamaño F.gigantica 4-10 cm y huevos mas grandes que el de F.hepatica, 90-159 µm.

What is the scientific name for the liver?


What is sporocyst larva of fasciola hepatica?

A sporocyst is an elongated sac that protects immature larva of trematodes until they are ready to 'hatch.' Fasciola hepatica is a common liver fluke. Eggs are released into water where they hatch. The resulting hatching miracidia then find a snail host. Sporocysts are then formed and matured in the snail's digestive gland until the cercariae hatch and leave the snail.

What has the author Susan Sarah Evelyn Dermott written?

Susan Sarah Evelyn Dermott has written: 'Some ultrastructural studies on the common liver fluke Fasciola hepatica L'

What is botanical name for hepatica?

Anemone Hepatica

When was Elachista fasciola created?

Elachista fasciola was created in 1983.

When was Fistulina hepatica created?

Fistulina hepatica was created in 1774.