What are the examples of homeostasis?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The technical definition of homeostasis is 'The maintenance of an equilibrium within a living organism'. This basically means the body's methods of keeping its functions within the range where it can continue functioning.

Examples of homeostasis:

The regulation of body temperature, control of blood glucose levels, and the regulation of salt and water balance. These systems all ensure that the body remains stable.

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Q: What are the examples of homeostasis?
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Describe what is meant by physiological homeostasis and using a clear example explain?

DEFINE Physiological homeostasis WITH EXAMPLES

Give two examples of homeostasis:?

Sweating and shivering

What are some example of ions and how they are contribute to homeostasis?

some examples of ions are water and i don't know how they are related to homeostasis.

Sweating and shivering are examples of?

Feedback mechanism

What are examples of controls in science?

homeostasis-control of the body's internal enviroment

What is homeostasis and how does stress affect homeostasis?

Yes It Does here are some examples of it, sweating increases, more blood increases, heart rate increases.........

What are two examples of how a polar bear maintains homeostasis?

they eat and sleep they hybanate....

What is homeostasis give an example?

Homeostasis keeps an organism's internal environment stable, even if the external environment is not. Examples include temperature of the body and the amount of water in the body

What are the examples that demonstrates homeostasis of the cell?

The first example is intracellular homeostasis. When this occurs, the cell needs ions and nutrients, and the cell itself works to draw these in. During replication homeostasis, new cells form to replace the cells that have died off.

Reproduction digestion movement and growth are examples of what in a cell?

It is life activities or mitosis or development or homeostasis

Give examples of diffusion in the human body?

There are quite a few examples of diffusion in the human body. They are breathing, sneezing, evaporation, blood diffusion, and homeostasis.

What is the homeostatsis?

In a general sense, homeostasis is the property of a system, either open or closed, that regulates its internal environment and tends to maintain a stable, constant condition. More specifically, in science, homeostasis is the ability for something to maintain or return to an equilibrium state. Cellular homeostasis and natural evolution are examples of this.