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The living components are the biotic factors, and the non-living components are the abiotic factors. The biotic factors include all living things in the ecosystem, and abiotic factors include things like soil, light, and water.

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water i think

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A virus.

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Q: What are the living and non-living components?
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As energy flows through ecosystems atoms and molecules cycle among?

both the living and nonliving components of the biosphere.

What is the answer Science Nonliving part of an ecosystem?

The nonliving parts of an ecosystem are the abiotic components, while the living ones are biotic components.

Is connective tissue living?

There are living and nonliving components in a connective tissue.

What are the living and nonliving components in your system?

nonliving is epidermis teeth and hair. all cells are non living when they die and are replaced

What are the technical names used for living and non living components?

Living = biotic; nonliving= abiotic

What is difference between biotic and abiotic components of the environment?

The difference between an abiotic and biotic enviorment is an abiotic enviorment had living organisms in it while a biotic enviorment contains nonliving organisms.

What is the name of the system formed by the interaction of living organisms with the nonliving physical environment?


What abiotic and biotic components make up an ecosystem?

Biotic- living things Abiotic- nonliving things

Is a car living or nonliving?

It can't because it is NOT a living organism.

Is aluminum living or nonliving?


How do you think nonliving components of the environment affect the living compnents and vice versa?

it because choy is the most gwapo

What are the nonliving component of an ecosystem or environment?

The non-living components of an ecosystem are: rocks, sand, water, air and soil.