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The olfactory nerves' main function is to transmit impulses fron our nose to the brain. It is these nerves that help us to identify smell.

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Q: What are the main function of the olfactory nerve is?
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What is the main function of the olfactory nerve?

Your sense of smell.

What cranial nerve is used when smelling a flower?

The Olfactory nerve. CN1 Cranial Nerve I, or the first cranial nerve called the Olfactory nerve.

Is the olfactory nerve a function of the paranasal sinuses?

No, the olfactory nerve (cranial nerve I) is the nerve that allows one to have a sense of smell. Its nerve endings are found in the nasal mucosa adjacent to the cribriform plate in the skull.

What function does the olfactory nerve control?

to transfer nerve impulses to the brain

Smell impulses are carried by the cranial nerve called the?

The olfactory nerve, or 1st cranial nerve.

Where do axons from the olfactory nerve project to?

Axons from the olfactory nerve project directly to the

Which cranial nerves carries only sensory information?

The question is asking what three cranial nerves are purely sensory in their function. Some relevant terms here are olfactory, optic, and auditory or vestibucochlear or acoustic nerves. The only three cranial nerves that are pure sensory in function are cranial nerve #1 : the olfactory nerve (smell), cranial nerve #2 : the optic nerve (sight), and cranial nerve #8 : the auditory/vestibucochlear/acoustic nerve (hearing).

What nerve that connected in the nose?

the olfactory (smell) and gustatory (taste) sensations pass along the cranial nerves directly to the brain. smell signals travel from the olfactory nerve (made up of groups of nerve fibres ) to a patch of the cortex located in the temporal lobe.

What is the nerve in your nose?

olfactory nerve

What is the nerve for smell?

The olfactory nerves are cranial nerves( arise from the brain ). olfactory nerve is the first nerve among the all cranial nerves. olfactory nerves passes sense of smell through nerve impulses( chemical=neurotransmitters, and electrical signals ).

Olfactory nerve filaments are found?

in the olfactory bulb

Which cranial nerve is responsible for the sense of hearing?