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Perhaps the most basic precaution is to make sure that the warm water bath that will be used has a temperature that doesn't exceed 90C so as to denature only the protein component of crude extract and not the DNA which is the target isolate.

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During DNA extraction the following precautions have to be taken -

1. All steps of the extraction must be conducted in a sterile condition in a laboratory to avoid contamination.

2. DNA extract is used for DNA extraction. DNA extracts contains irritants, handle with care. Wear goggles to protect your eyes against any splashes.

3. Alcohol is used during DNA extraction. Alcohol catches fire very easily, keep alcohol away from heat.

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Q: What are the precaution while conducting DNA extraction?
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What does salt do in DNA extraction?

The salt neutralizes the DNA's negative charge with its positive charge while the DNA precipitates.

What does sodium citrate do in DNA extraction?

how to make sodium citrate in 10% ethanol for DNA extraction

DNA extraction from bacteria?

DNA extraction from bacteria can be achieved in various ways. Yeast is the best resource to extract the DNA bacteria from using extreme rapid extraction method.

What is the function of CL buffer in DNA extraction?

In a DNA extraction, the purpose of a buffer is to solubilize DNA as well as RNA. Because of this, it prevents the DNA for degrading.

What is the purpose of Trichloroacetic acid in DNA extraction?

Trichloroacetic acid is used for precipitation of the DNA during its extraction.

Why grind the liver in a DNA extraction lab?

the purpose of grinding any substance during dna extraction is cell loosening.

Why extraction buffer is added for isolation of DNA?

Extraction Buffer is used to maintain pH of the solution.which prevents denaturation of DNA.

Why we can not extract DNA from RBCs?

We can not extract DNA from RBCs as they are without nucleus. only the source of DNA extraction is Leukocytes, RBCs are not good source of extraction but we can extract DNA from immature RBCs.

What is the function of 2-propanol in DNA extraction?

To achieve precipitation DNA.

What mesh particle size for chelex 100 is best for DNA extraction?

The 200-400 mesh size is best for DNA extraction. The smaller sizes are usually used for metal ion extraction.

What are some uses of DNA extraction?

to queef

Is DNA extraction used in cloning?