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Aquatic organisms are affected primarily by the water's depth, temperature, flow, and amount of dissolved nutrients.

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Q: What are the primary abiotic factors that affect life underwater?
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What abiotic factors affect the warthog?

Abiotic factors are esentially the non living component factors that affect the living organisms of the freshwater community. Such components do not affect the warthog

What are four abiotic factors affecting population?

Abiotic Factors that affect population include:TemperatureWindMoistureSoil TypeElevationLatitudeTopography

What are two abiotic factors that affect water lilies?

what are two abiotic factors that affect water lilies

What abiotic factor affect mushroom?

Temperature, humidity, and rainfall are abiotic factors that affect mushrooms.

What term defines the non-living components of an ecosystem such as climate water and soil?

Abiotic factors

Is a snake abiotic?

Abiotic factors are the nonliving components of an ecosystem that affect the organisms living therein. Some abiotic factors that may affect a snake are: water supply and distribution, rate of precipitation, temperature patterns.

What is the role played by abiotic factors in sustaining life?

The role played by abiotic factors are pretty simple; In ecology and biology, abiotic factors are non living chemical and physical factors available naturally in the environment which affect the ecosystems. Abiotic factors are aspects of geodiversity. They can also be recognized as " abiotic pathogens"

What is biotic and abiotic fact wombat?

The biotic and abiotic factors that affect wombat hibitat are;Abiotic factors:PredatorsFoodIntraspecific CompetitionBiotic factors:ClimateShelterWater

Abiotic factors that affect the green anole?

what dose abiotic and abiotic mean to a ecosystem of a green anole

What are some biotic and abiotic factors that affect an ostrich?

trees affect it and its suroundings

How does the population of Saguaro National Park affect the abiotic factors?

Biotic factors and abiotic factors depend on each other for survival, humans and animals alike.

Which biotic and abiotic factors affect skunks?

me dont know