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~ The Benefits and Challenges of Forensics Science ~ As I am by definition a young forensic scientist, my experience is limited. However, my time as a researcher in academic and now governmental contexts has shown me a number of "pros" and "cons" to a research career in forensic science. To begin positively, research automatically places your thinking on the cutting edge of science and technology. It is a special position, in that you are given the opportunity to observe the current state of the art, envision its future possibilities, and then strive towards one or more of those generally exciting developments. As a result, research is rarely routine. The nature of your work is constantly changing as you generate or become aware of new data. Furthermore, and perhaps most exciting, you may have a large impact on your field by changing its basic practices or introducing new, improved ideas before anyone else. Research serves a critical role in this respect. For any technical area, and forensic science in particular, a vigorous and well-executed research and development effort helps ensure the future integrity of the practice. However, research can also be frustrating and difficult. For example, the saying "If we knew what we were doing, it wouldn't be research" is very apt. You are often, even permanently, in a state of "not knowing." This applies to the many times when an experiment does not work, when you don't know the best way to proceed, or the fact that your questions will always outnumber your answers. While mastering these inner mental battles of research is important, one must always remember that all research happens in the context of the real world. This is especially true in the forensic sciences where one of the biggest mistakes one can make is to work on projects that are too esoteric or lack practical application. The worst consequence of this is that your research will largely be ignored and have little to no impact. Another necessary evil of conducting successful research is obtaining adequate funding. While some institutions have internal funds that can be dedicated to research, these funds are rare and often small in quantity. Hence, generating external research funds is necessary and you must always be prepared to justify your work to your current sponsors while at the same time soliciting future funding. Throughout this and other processes of research, you are called upon to communicate your results orally and through writing. While this may not be difficult, well-developed communication skills are critical. Finally, and of importance to a young scientist, full time research positions in the forensic sciences are rare. However, opportunities do exist, largely centered in academic and government labs that do not have a law enforcement focus. The time and monetary demands of full time casework often make research impossible in law enforcement agencies. Conversely, case work and court testimony will likely be a minor part of a research career.

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Forensics lab investigators use cutting-edge science in order to help solve cases and prevent crime. The pros of being an investigator are helping the community, the salary and knowledge. The cons are some of the subjects dealt with, the schooling to become an investigator and the long hours.

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PROS- dead bodies, blood, dress up, fighting, screaming, cool shades, MIB gear, sexy men, bad boys, dirty money CONS- working, physical activity.

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You have to work at 24/7.

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Q: What are the pros and cons of being a csi agent?
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