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The substrates of aerobic respiration are energy, water and carbon dioxide. In order for the process to take place, oxygen must be present.

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Glucose is the most common, there are a few other minor substrates.

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Q: What are the substrates in cellular respiration?
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How is cellular respiration take place?

By oxidation of organic substrates

What are the rectants in the equation of cellular respiration?

Respiratory substrates like carb., proteins or fats and oxygen in a living cell containing several enzymes in cytoplasm and mitochondria.

What is broken down into CO2 and H2O during cellular respiration?

Glucose is broken down due to cellular respiration.

How many ATP do you get after cellular respiration?

ATP is used for cellular respiration. It is not a product of cellular respiration.

The cells of a redwood tree require oxygen for the process of?

Cellular Respiration

Is exhalation and inhalation known as cellular respiration?

No; that is known as "respiration," not "cellular respiration."

What are the difference cellular respiration and respiration?

Oxygen is the difference! Cellular respiration requires oxygen, while cellular fermentation does not.

Where does Cellular Respiration Occur.?

cellular respiration occurs in the mitochondria

Why is cellular respiration an aerobic respiration?

Because cellular respiration occurs in the presence of oxygen.

What is the process by which the chemical energy of food molecules is released?

The first step of the process is the digestion.

Why is external respiration vital to cellular respiration?

Cellular respiration need oxygen. This oxygen is supplied by external respiration

How are glycolysis and cellular respiration the same?

Glycolysis, is the first stage of cellular respiration, so glycolysis is just a portion of cellular respiration.