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One opening for the urethra and two for the ureters.

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The trigone is the name of the area of the bladder located between the openings of the ureters and urethra.
The trigone is a triangular region at the base of the bladder where the ureters enter ad the urethra exits.

It's called the Trigone

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Ureteral openings

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Q: What are the three openings of the floor of the bladder?
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What are the three openings in the floor of the bladder?

One opening for the urethra and two for the ureters.

What are the three layers to the bladder wall?

three parts are the fundus, body, and the cervix

What is the area in the urinary bladder that is bordered by the three orifices of the bladder?

The trigone is between the three orifices of the urinary bladder.

How many openings are there in the urinary bladder?

3 total (2 ureters and 1 urethra)Posteriorly, it has two input openings for the Ureters from the kidneys. And inferiorly it has one output opening for the Urethra.

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