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Tropisms is the response to an external stimulus in a specific direction.

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light, heat, and gravity!!!!=D

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Q: What are tropisms and what do they demonstrate about plants?
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What is Behavioral Adaptations of Plants?

they are actions that a plant takes in order to increase its chance of survival. An example of a behavioral adaptation in plants are tropisms. Tropisms are the growth of plants toward sunlight.

What do tropisms demostrate about plants?

Tropisms are plant's response to a particular stimulas. Tropisms demostrate that plants can response to light, water, gravity and chemicals. We, humans know what we want and with our knowledge we seek for it. Unlike humans, plants doesn't know what they want and how to look for it. So plants response to stimulus in order to get what they want and to survive. Plants turn towards light in order to make food. Tropisms helps plants to survive as plants cannot move and has no knowledge.

What tropisms plants need to survive varius levels in the forest?

no se

How do tropisms benefit plants?

they make it grow naturally i hope this is useful to your question

The various tropisms in plants are caused by localized areas of more rapid cell what?


How are the speed and causes of rapid movements of plants different from the speed and causes of tropisms?

plants need waterpoint made. period.. . . . . . .

Who discovered tropisms?

Charles Darwin and his son did an experiment in 1880 using grass plants which led to the discovery of phototropism, this discovery led to many other scientists wanting to find out other tropisms

What are tropisims?

Tropisms are slow growth responses . plants respond to things like light , gravity and water.

The chemicals which are responsible for plant tropisms are?

its the air around them and the carbon dioxide...without the carbon dioxide, plants cant survive!

What are the 3 plant tropisms and their functions?

The three plant tropisms include geotropism, thigmotropism,hydrotropism and photoperiodism.

How many tropisms are there?


A seed that is alive but inactive is what?