What biome is the cyclops under?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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It is under a mutant gene that is called cyclopia, a very, very rare disiese. This also takes affect on animals and, belive it or not, one time a human was infected! But don't worry, this only happens once in 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 lifetimes. Features on such include: no nose, no upper lip, and one eye. The animals that have been infected have been:Cats (on record 3 of them which only live 1-2 days)Goats (on record 1 that lived it's full life)Cows (on record 1 it is unknown how long it lived)Other cyclops have been a long and acient greek myth, but it is propostorous that this is true.

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Q: What biome is the cyclops under?
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What desert biome would the Atacama fall under?

It would fall under the desert biome (cold desert).

Where did Odysseus hide his men under to escape the cyclops cave?

Under the sheep.

Who rescues Odysseus from the cyclops?

Odysseus and the crew rescue themselves from the cyclops. Odysseus later escapes under Polyphemus' largest ram.

Which biome the parrot can't live in and why?

Under the sea

How do Odysseus and his companions ultimately escape from the cyclops?

By hanging under the bellies of his sheep.

What were Cyclops famous for?

Cyclops had the fame of being great workmen and were assisting Greek god Hephaestus in constructing the lightning's of Zeus under the volcano of Aetna in Italy. The Cyclops was also constructing thick walls, known as "Cyclopean Walls".

What did Odysseus hide under to escape the cyclops?

Odysseus hides under Polyphemus' largest ram as it exits the cave.

Which biome is the state of Ohio classified under?

Temprate forest

What plan does Odysseus begin to form while trapped in the cyclops cave?

He can't kill the cyclops because only Polyphemus can move the rock to open the cave. So Odysseus decides to get him drunk then blind the cyclops. Odysseus then wraps himself under the sheep so he can reach outside without alerting the cyclops.

Where in the cyclops does it show that Odysseus is a leader of men?

When he makes a plan to get all of the men out under the sheep.

What did The Odyssey do to cyclops?

To be correct what did Odyessus do to the cyclops. He poked the cyclops in the eye.

What is the cyclops name?

The cyclops that Odysseus encountered was Polyphemus; in Greek Mythology there were many cyclops.