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The axons and dendrites.

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Q: What body tissue transmits messages throughout the body?
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What body tissue transmits messages throughout the human body?

I believe it would be your brain stem

What kind of tissue sends messages from the brain to the rest of the body?

Nerves transmits messages back and forth from the brain to the other parts of the body.

The tissue that carries electrical messages throughout the body is?


How is a neuron different from an ordinary body cell?

A neuron is different from an ordinary body cell because it transmits messages throughout the brain. It also sends electrical messages.

What do you call tissue that carries messages throughout your body?

The nervous system.

What tissue carries messages throughout the body?

nervous system more appropriate neurons

Tissue that carries messages throughout our bodies?

the nerve system conducts messages trough the human body

Which body tissue transmits waves of excitation?

The body tissue that transmits waves of excitation is nervous tissue. This type of tissue is found in the nervous system and it is made up of neurons.

What part of the body transmits messages?

Central Nervous system.

I am an important body tissue i transmit messages throughout the body particularly to the brain you know i work whenever you scratch your finger what am i?


What tissues carry messages throughout our bodies?

Hormones send messages throughout the body using chemical signals. For example, adrenaline, or ephinephrine, is sent to the brain when something stressful is present, and causes a height in energy, higher pulse, perhaps sweaty hands, etc.

What cell transmits electrical messages from one area of the body to another?