What bone is an example of a facet?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Any of the vertebrae or lumbar all have facets on them, an example would be the articulate facet of vertebra

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Q: What bone is an example of a facet?
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Definition of facet?

In anatomy, a facet is a classification of bones according to their bone surface features. A facet is a small, flat, articular surface.

What is a facet?

a small plane surface on a hard body, as on a bone.

What is facet arthropathy with hypertrophy?

Hypertrophic facet joint is where the joint becomes enlarged as a result of degeneration. The joints are connected and impact the spinal vertebrae.

Does small part and facet mean the same?

A small part can be a small part of anything you wish to name. A facet has a more specific meaning such as, any of the surfaces of a cut gemstone. Even in anatomy, it still refers to any smooth area on a hard surface - a bone for example

Which axial skeletal bone has a small flat articular surface?

Facet has a small, nearly flat articular surface

What is mild facet arthropathy at L4 or L5?

Mild facet arthrosis is a degenerative condition that affects older people. This is the wasting away of your spine's joints.

What is an example of a bone that forms from fibrous?

the parietal bone the parietal bone

What is a Sesamoid?

A bone formed in a tendon. Example are the patella and baculumA sesamoid bone is that bone which is embedded within a tendon. An example is the patella.

Is skull an example of irregular bone?

No, it's an example of a flat bone. An irregular bone would be the vertebrae or facial bones.

What part of speech is facet?

Facet is a noun.

What bone marking helps form joints?

Bone markings are the surface features of bones. They are sites of attachments for muscles, tendons, and ligaments. They are also passages for nerves and blood vessels. The categories of bone markings are: * projections and processes - grow out from the bone surface * depressions or cavities - indentations

Degenerative facet and ligamentous arthropathy?

The facet joints are located in the spinal canal. Bilateral facet arthropathy is arthritis in the facet joints of the back.