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A Loose Leaf Binder

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Q: What can you use to stick foliage back on trees?
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What can you use to stick falling foliage back on trees?

A Loose Leaf Binder

How does the stick bug use its camouflage?

They use there stick like body structure to blend in with trees and scrubs to hide but that doesn't stop birds from eating them

How do use the word foliage in a sentence?

The swift monkey was quickly hidden in the foliage of the vast jungle.

How can you use umbrage in a sentence?

Umbrage = offence Umbrage = foliage, also the shadow cast by it. The trees under whose umbrage we spent the afternoon covered a large portion of the farm.

What is a large area covered with trees grouped so that their foliage shades the ground?

A dense growth of trees covering a large tract is called a forest. There are two kinds of forests. There are forests planted specifically for the use in the timber industry and there are natural forests where the trees are not harvested.

When do Christmas trees date back to?

Christmas trees date back to the Egyptians and Druids although their modern use dates to Victorian times in Germany.

Why did people use superglue in the war?

to stick themselves back together again

What materials did they use to build the long house?

Pole frames, elm bark for covering, mud to stick it together, and lumber from trees.

A sentence for the word foliage?

Foilage refers to the leaves on a tree (or on plants). Here is one way to use it in a sentence. I always take some time to enjoy the foliage in spring.

Why do feel that trees move back when drive?

Because they do. If you move forward (in rlatoin to the trees), then the trees move backwards (in relation to you). It all depends on what you use as the reference point.

Why is there always cedar trees in cemeteries?

Fundamentally; cemetaries (and many other public areas) will use foliage that is always green. It helps convey an 'alive' feel about the area. Whether Cedar Trees are used more than others is debatable. In Arizona, the Palm Tree is the most resilient and widely used tree. Other places might use any form of an Evergreen tree (Pine Trees, Cedar, etc).

Does the fisher cat swim?

yes. a fish can use its belly scales to stick on the trees.