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Blue and Red

-Mastering Biology 4th edition

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blue red color range

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Q: What color range does chlorophyll absorb light energy?
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What chlorophyll a and b absorb?

Chlorophyll a and b absorb BLUE-VIOLET and RED wavelengths of light best.

About what percent of light of this color does chlorophyll absorb?


What are the molecules in plant cells that absorb light energy?


What wavelength does chlorophyll a absorb the most energy?

Chlorophyll a absorbs the most light (energy) in the blue- violet spectrum

What molecule is used to capture light energy?

Chlorophyll captures light energy using photosynthesis. Energy is absorbed through wavelengths. It can absorb violet-blue and orange-red light energy easily.

What are the special qualities of chlorophyll a?

Chlorophyll a can absorb solar energy, but only a few in the excited state of chlorophyll a can convert light energy into electricity.

Why is Chloroplasts green in colour.?

Because they contain chlorophyll. Chlorophyll absorb energy from sun light.

What you and II contain chlorophyll and absorb light energy?

a plant cell

What molecules embedded in the thylakoid membranes absorb light energy?

The Chlorophyll

What special function does chlorophyll have?

They absorb energy of light. That energy used to drive photosynthesis

What role does chlorophyll play in photonthesis?

They absorb light energy. That energy is used for photosynthesis

What is chlorophyll composed of?

chlorophyll is composed of many lights that we see in a rainbow. chlorophyll a is when it absorbs all light except for the color red. chlorophyll b is the same as chlorophyll a but instead of not absorbing the color red it refuses to absorb the color blue.