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That would be bacteria.

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Q: What comprises 13 percent of the dry weight of human feces?
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What comprises one third of the dry weight of human feces?


What is yeast cells found in a stool exam?

Yeast is a normal part of every bowel movement. According to doctors, it comprises around 5 percent of the weight of human feces and therefore, causes no problems in human elimination.

Maximum weight of human feces?

3 pounds

What is the average density of human feces?

Typically human feces is 50-300 grams (2 to 10 ounces). Depending on diet , supplements and medications there could be variances.

What is the average density of humans?

The generally accepted mass of human feces is 1 gram for every 3 centimeters. That being said, this a an estimate and cannot provide a 100 percent accurate weight conversion.

Percentage of leg weight to body weight?

Google [ leg weight percent ] gives me a page on, which says each leg is 10 percent. But it also gives a previous answer here on WikiAnswers of 14 percent, which agrees with an answer of 15.7% on Ask an Anatomist.

What chemicals or virus is contained in human feces?

Human feces is composed of unusable food and million of bacteria.

Is the human brain weighs 1.88 percent of the body weight?


The majority of your body weight is water?

The human body is 61.8 percent water by weight. Protein accounts for 16.6 percent; fat, 14.9 percent; and nitrogen, 3.3 percent of human body weight. Other elements constitute smaller percentages of body weight.Source: Rovin, Jeff. Laws of Order, p. 108.

Why is animal feces called scat?

Animal feces is called scat just to show that it is non-human. There are many other terms used for the term "feces" to show non-human feces. These are dung, droppings and spoor.

Why is a rat's feces so smelly?

For the same reason human feces does - Rats are omnivores. If a human and a ratty both ate lasagna for three days straight their feces would smell the same.

Are humans made of water?

Mostly...The human body is 61.8 percent water by weight.