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The abdomen and pelvis contain the digestive and excretory organs.

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Q: What contains the digestive and excretory organs?
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What are the organs of the excretory system and it function?

The organs are the kidneys and the liver. The excretory system excretes waste out of the body. It works with the digestive system

What organs serves as a respiratory digestive excretory organ for the fetus?


Is an abdomen a head?

No. It is the part of the body that contains the digestive organs.

What Contains the major organs of the digestive system?

abdominal cavity

What are the organs of your urinary system called excretory organs?

what organs of your urinary system called excretory organs

What other organs does the circulatory system work with?

the other organs that the circulatory system is the :digestive, respitory, reproductive, immune, nervous, muscular, excretory system

How do the digestive and excretory system working together?

how does the excretory and the digestive system work together

Do birds have rectums?

Birds have an opening called a cloaca, which contains both reproductive and excretory organs.

Area below chest containing digestive organs?

That part is called as abdomen. You have various organs in the abdomen. You have digestive system as well as excretory system in the abdomen. Few other organs like spleen and adrenal glands are also there in your abdomen.

What organs are found in the excretory system?

The organs in your excretory system are your kidneys and bladder.

What organs are involved with the excretory system in phylum cnidarian?

cnidarians do not have excretory organs .mouth is only excretory organ to them

Is the organs of your urinary system circulatory or excretory organs?

I think it might be excretory organs but I'm not sure.

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