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The medial longitudinal fissure divides the brain into left and right hemispheres.

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longitudinal fissure

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longitudinal fissure

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Q: What deep grove divides the brain into two hemispheres?
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Deep groove that divides the right and left hemispheres of the cerebrum?

longitudinal fissure separates the the right and left cerebral hemisphere.

What does longitudinal fissure divide?

it separates the cerebrum into left and right hemispheres.

What is th function of the corpus callosum?

The function is to connect the left and right side of brain (hemisphere)The two hemispheres are physically separate. The corpus callosum, a thick white band of nerves deep within the brain, is one of the connects that allow the two hemispheres to communicate and coordinate their connects the right and left hemispheres of the brain

Is it true or false that the deep grooves within the cerebral hemispheres are known as gyri?

False! deep grooves are called fissures!

What is brain hemisphere?

The brains of many animals (including humans) are partially divided by a deep central groove, running from the front of the head to the back. The portions of the cerebrum to each side of the groove form the left and right hemispheres.

The deep groove that separates the two hemispheres of the cerebrum is called the?

Inter hemispheric fissure.

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What,where,and how do you get a deep brain stimulation?

Deep Brain Stimulation, DBS, is perform at a qualified medical facility. Deep Brain Stimulation is proscribed for Parkinson's Disease. It is called for after a complete diagnosis by a doctor.

Which is the largest portion of the mature brain?

The largest and most important part of the brain is the controls many things like memory,speech,intelligents. However, the most important part in terms of survival has to be the Hypothalamus. It is the part of the brain which controls primal functions such as hunger/thirst, regulation of body tempurature, heartbeat, etc.

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What happens in deep brain stimulation?

In deep brain stimulation (DBS), electrodes are implanted within the brain to deliver a continuous low electric current to the target area.