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In the rainy season there are air borne diseases and water borne diseases. Among the waterborne diseases, dysentery is the biggest problem. Hepatitis, cholera, polio, typhoid, Wheel's Disease, etc also pose serious health threats during the rainy season.

Other health problems experienced during rainy season include Asthma, Arthritis, skin diseases, cold (cough, sneeze, phlegm), etc.

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Q: What diseases that you can get during rainy season?
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Diseases caused during rainy season matter?

the spread of communicable diseases more during the monsoon season because the small water molecules like snow is more in that time. the air passage is less. the disease molecules what are present in the atmosphere they are increase that time.

What are the diseases in rainy season?

Rainy season diseases are water borne diseases like typhoid, dysentry, malaria,commoncold,allergiesand ofcourse hepatitis.

What do Filipinos do during rainy season?

Same as any other countries during rainy season.

How can you prevent yourself from diseases that you can get during rainy season?

You can prevent getting these sicknesses by not exposing yourself to the rain and also by taking daily vitamins.

The finches have their young during the rainy season . based on the table which part of the year do you think is the rainy season?


What is rainy seasonal common diseases?

Well a lot of insects including parasites depend on water and humidity for life support, so malaria, dengue fever, influenza, diarrhoea are all typical rainy season diseases. Also typhoid fever may appear as water pollution increase during the rainy seasons.

Why fungi appear during rainy season?

because they grow in hot and humid weather and rainy season is hot and humid.

How do you correct this sentence during the rainy season in Africa rain falls every day?

during the rainy season in africa rain falls every day

When is the monsoon season in Vietnam?

Vietnam has a single rainy season, from May through September.

What fruits are grown during rainy season?


WHERE do frogs go during rainy days?

they go outside and do not hide. they love to go outside during rainy season.

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The two seasons that are seen in the Amazon are rainy and less rainy. During the rainy season, the Amazon will see between 60-180 inches of rain a day. During the less rainy season, it will see 30-100 inches of rain a day. The rainy season is between November and May.