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Are they all muscle groups?

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Q: What do the words dorsal ventral thoracic and abdominopelvic have in common?
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What are the two subdivisions of the dorsal body cavity?

thoracic and abdominopelvic cavity

What are the four body cavities?

The cavities of the body can be divided into two parts, the ventral (front) and the dorsal (back). If you divide the dorsal into the cranial and vertebral, and the ventral into the thoracic, abdominal, and pelvic, then you would have five cavities. * cranial * vertebral * thoracic * abdominal * pelvic

What body cavities are divided by the diaphragm?

Major: Dorsal Body Cavity & Ventral Body Cavity Subdivision of Dorsal: cranial cavity & vertebral cavity Subdivision of Ventral: Thoracic Cavity, Abdominopelvic Cavity, Abdominal Cavity, Pelvic Cavity

What are the three main body cavities?

The pericardial cavity (surrounding the heart), the thoracic cavity (surrounding the lungs and the pericardium, including the heart), and the peritoneal cavity (surrounding the visceral and internal reproductive organs).

Is it the pleural CAVITY ventral CAVITY or dorsal CAVITY that contains the brain and spinal cord or the thoracic?

Dorsal Cavity

What is common name for thoracic vertebra?


What are the two major cavities of the body are called?

The Thoracic cavity (above the diaphragm) & the Abdominal cavity (below).

What body cavity protects the organs of reproduction abdominal dorsal or thoracic?

Neither. The main cavity is called the abdominopelvic cavity. A sub-cavity inside that is the pelvic cavity. That is where you will find the organs of reproduction. The dorsal cavity is along your back and skull. The thoracic is where your heart and lungs are. The abdominal cavity is a sub-cavity of the abdominopelvic cavity, its where your stomach and other related organs are.

What is the dorsal body cavity?

cranial cavity, which contains the brain, and spinal cavity, formed by the vertebrae, which contains the spinal cord.

Hand dorsal or ventral?


Is a butterflies heart ventral or dorsal?


Is the dorsal side of an earthworm lighter than the ventral?

The ventral side is lighter than the dorsal.