What does ave mean?

Updated: 8/10/2023
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It is an abbreviation for avenue.

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it's Eva spelled backwards

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It is shorthand for avenue or street.

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Q: What does ave mean?
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"Consult all the AVE schedules." AVE are the fast trains in Spain.

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What does ave cesare mean in English?

Hail or hi Caesar Ave=hi or hail Vale= farewell

What does ave centurion mean?

Hi or hail centurion Ave=hail or hi Centuriin=a roman ranking

What does ave Marie mean?

It is Latin for, "HAIL MARY."

Does Ave Maria mean the same in German as in English?

Yes,it does.

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What does AV Padre Hidalgo mean in English?

Padre Hidalgo ave.

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I think you mean Kofta, not Koshif. Actually I meant Tolga Kashif's Ave Maria sheet music.

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It roughly means, "Hail, Suffering Mother!"