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If your tongue looks hairy, but other than that you have no other symptoms such as pain, itching, or spots, that is if it just looks hairy, then you are very likely to have CANDIDA ALBICANS OVERGROWTH in your mouth. It is a fungi, that all humans have, however, it can overgrow if your immune system is in bad shape. There are diets, know as yeat diets, that will claim to starve these fungi to death. They basically restrict everything but low-carb vegetables and lemon. You can also eat meet and fish and ZERO suggar or processed food. You should add probiotic yorgurt to your diet, but other then that , no dairy products. There are drugs you can take to help getting rid of the fungi, they are Nistatine, fluconazol and Ketonazal. The last is the most expansive and has the most aggressive side-effects, so it should be tried only if the previous two have not worked. You have to be patient. The condition usually lasts a month with the use of the medication. A simple test you can make at home to make sure you are actually dealing with Candida Albicans is to spit in a transparent glass full of water, in the morning, before doing anything else. Really work your mouth to produce saliva. The healthy saliva will stay on the top of the water, If you have a Candida Albicans overgrowth, the color will either change and the saliva will go to the bottom , usually in strings after 10 or 15 minutes. Good Luck@@!!

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Q: What does it mean when a person develops hairy tongue?
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