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an organelle(chloroplast,mitochondria) with a membrane covering around it

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A membrane is a thin pane or sheet of something.

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Everything is within a membrane. A membrane bound cell is a cell that is enclosed by a membrane.

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Organelles are specialised subunits inside a cell that perform specific tasks. Membrane-bound means that they are closed off from the rest of the cell by a membrane.

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Q: What does membrane bound organelles mean?
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Related questions

Do yeast have membrane bound organelles?

Yeast do not have membrane bound organelles.

Is a membrane bound organelles porkaryoes or eukaryotes or both?

Orly eukaryotes have membrane bound organelles.

What type of cell dose not have any membrane bound organelles?

Prokaryotic cells do not have membrane bound organelles.

What do eukaryotic Cells have that prokaryotic Cells do not have?

nucleus & other membrane-bound organelles.

What didn't have a membrane bound organelle?

Prokaryotes do not have membrane bound organelles.

What cells have membrane-enclosed organelles?

They are eukaryotic cells.

What is the Official word for cells that do have a nucleus and a membrane bound organelles?

There are 2 types of cells, 1. Eukaryotic cell- they have nucleus and membrane bound organelles. 2. Prokaryotic cell- they do not have true nucleus and no membrane bound organelles. Human cells are eukaryotic in nature.

Do eukaryotic cells have membrane-bound organelles?

Eukaryotes contain membrane bound organelles. Prokaryotes do not contain membrane bound organelles. However, prokaryotes do contain ribosomes which is an example of a non-membrane bound organelle.

What do all eukaryotic cells have that have a membrane-covered compartments called?

Membrane compartments in eukaryotic cells are organelles.

Do prokayotic have membrane bound organelles?


Are organisms that have cells lacking internal membrane bound organelles?

A prokaryote is a single-celled organism that lacks a membrane-bound nucleus (karyon), mitochondria, or any other membrane-bound organellesIt is the Eukarotes that have membrane-bound organelles.

What is a characteristics prokaryotic?

Prokaryotes do not have a membrane-bound nucleus or other membrane-bound organelles.