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Cell walls? Animal cells only have cell membranes. Plant and prokaryotic cells have cell walls, which provide the cell with added structure.

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Q: What does not belong in animale cell but is in plant and prokariotic cells?
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Why are plant and animal cells classified as eukaryote?

Plant and animal cells are classified as eukaryotic cells because they both contain a nucleus unlike a prokariotic cell, such as a bacteria cell, which does not contain a nucleus.

Does cytoplasm belong in plant or animal cells?

Plant cells

What kingdom are plant cells?

Plants belong to the kingdom Plantae. Animals belong to the kingdom Animalia. Plant cells do not have lysosomes and centrioles.

What kingdom does a plant cell belong to?

Plant cells belong to plants, therefore they belong to the kingdom Plantae.

What type of cell does plant and animal cells belong to?


Does plant cell have nuclear membrane?

Yes unless it is a Prokariotic cell in which case it has no nucleus

Does plant cells have a nucleus?

Yes. Plant cells are eukariotic which means they have a nucleus, opposed to prokariotic cells with no nucleus like bacteria. The only main differences between a plant cell and an animal cell is that a plant cells has a cell wall, chloroplast, a bigger vacuole, and no lysosomes. Also when a animal cell dies it is broken down, but a plant cell's cell wall stays to provide structure even after its dead. So all plant cells have a nucleus.

What orgenelles only belong to plant cells and not animal cells?

Cell wall and chloroplast are only find in the plant cell. Lysosome and centriole are only find in the animal cell.

Does lysosome belong to both plant and animal cell?

No, lysosomes are only found in animal cells.

Is ladiesfinger plant eukaryotic?

Ladies fingers belong to Kingdom Plantae.. Plants have eukaryotic cells.

What does not belong cleavage furrow cytokinesis spindle fiber cell plate?

Cleavage furrow.Cell plate formation only occurs in plant cells. Spindle fiber is found in plant cells and cytokinesis occurs in plant cells.Cleavage furrow doesn't occur in plant cells and is the only one not to.

Why plant cells do not need contractile vacuoles?

Plant cells DO CONTAIN vacuoles