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carbon dioxide and water

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Q: What does oxygen break glucose down to during respiration?
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What is used to break the glucose into carbon dioxide and water during respiration?


What does oxygen break glucose down during respiration?

carbon dioxide and water

What process uses oxygen and break down glucose?


What gas is used in cellular respiration to break down glucose?


What process uses oxygen to break down glucose?

Cellular respiration!

What do mitochondria do with the glucose they absorb?

they break down the carbon and oxygen to used in respiration of the cell

What does the body break down during respiration?


Do body cells use cellular respiration to break down glucose?

To release oxygen or to requried energy

When a plant uses carbon dioxide and sunlight to grow?

During cellular respiration, cells use oxygen to break down glucose and release CO2, H2O, and ATP

What molecule do plants break apart in photosynthesis?

Glucose is broken down in cellular respiration and is produced in photosynthesis(during the dark reaction within the stroma) C. Respiration: Carbohydrate(glucose) + Oxygen ---> Energy + Water + CO2 Photosynthesis: Energy + water + CO2 ----> Carbohydrate(glucose) + Oxygen The chemical formula for glucose is C6H12O6.

What does cellular respiration break down in order to release energy?

glucose is broken down in glycolysis during respiration to release energy

Differences between burning and respiration?

respiration is the break down of food substances mainly glucose in the prsence of oxygen, while burning is usually refered to combustion