What does rich growth of trees mean?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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A lot of healthy trees growing.

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Q: What does rich growth of trees mean?
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How can you save deforestation?

we are stop the cutting of the trees and we are growth new plants and trees by dugging the trees

Differences between old growth forests and plantation forests?

The main differences between old growth forests and plantation forests are the size and type of the trees. Old growth trees can get very large, much larger than plantation trees. Also, in a plantation the trees are typically all one type, whereas in an old growth forest there are many different kinds of trees.

What plants are rich in auxin?

willow trees

What does the term 'coppice' mean?

The word coppice means a dense area of bushes or trees. It often refers to a field or area of trees that is routinely trimmed down to ensure a continuous supply of growth.

What does the amount of sunlight have on the growth rate of trees?

More sunlight = bigger trees ;D

What is the Contribution of trees in the formation of soil?

the rich fertile soil they use to help nurture the trees

What is a trees new growth known as?

green wood

What is the growth rate of softwood trees?

not very fast

What are annual growth rings most common in?

Annual growth rings are commonly studied in trees.

Identify the stage of succession that supports the growth of trees?

The stage of succession that supports the growth of trees is the mid-succession stage. In this stage, the soil has developed enough nutrients and organic matter to support the growth of taller plants, such as shrubs and small trees. These early trees help create shade, retain moisture in the soil, and provide habitats for other plant and animal species.

How does the salinity content of soil affect the growth of plants and trees?

The growth of plants and trees is affected by a wide variety of variables. The salinity content of soil can affect the growth of most plants in a negative way, such as turning their leaves a dark green color and stunting their growth.

What is an old growth forests?

About 10 percent of trees in the united states are found in old-growth forests, where the trees are hundreds of years old. these ares have never been logged.