What does the nucleolus store?

Updated: 8/9/2023
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The nucleus of a cell contains the nucleolus.

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Q: What does the nucleolus store?
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What does the nucleolus do in the eukaryotic cell?

It store RNA and some other substances.Ribosomes are made by nucleolus.

What does Nucleolus do in a plants cells?

The nucleolus helps to regulate a cells activity.

What do the nucleoslus do?

The nucleolus store the DNA that is in the nucleus.

How does the nucleus store genetic materials in the cell?

In the nucleolus, ribosomes and chromosomes are created.

What is the small spherical body within the nucleus?

The dark-staining, spherical body in the nucleus that produces ribosomal subunits is called nucleolus. It is composed of proteins and ribonucleic acids.

How do you spell nucleolus?


What is the name of the dense body of protein and RNA inside the nucleus where ribosomes synthesis occurs?

It is called the nucleolus. It is in the nucleus

Does the nucleus or the nucleolus manufacture ribosomes?

Nucleolus :)

What structure is inside the nucleus?


What is nucleolus chromosomes?

a nucleolus produces ribosomes

What is the difference between nucleus and nucleolus?

A nucleus is found in a eukaryotic cell and is a membrane enclosed organelle. A nucleolus is found in the nucleus of a eukaryotic cell.

What is a Dense center portion of a nucleus?

It's called a nucleolus