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Photo means light. So it is the process of making food with light :D :D :D :D

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From light.

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Q: What does the word photo mean in photosynthesis?
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What does the word photo mean in the words photograph and photosynthesis?

It is derived from the Greek word (photos) meaning light .

What are The Two word word parts of photosynthesis?

Photo and synthesis

What does the word synthesis refer to in photosynthesis?

Synthesis means to make/produce. In photosynthesis ("photo" refers the "photons" of the light energy that triggers the photo systems in photosynthesis) would be used in referring to the synthesis of glucose (sugar) molecules.

What does the cycle photosynthesis mean?

Photosynthesis is composed of 2 main words... photo, meaning light, and synthesis, to make. Photosynthesis is the process of creating glucose from light in a plant.

Where did the word photosynthesis come from?

It came from the greek PHOTO MEANS-Light SYNTHESIS MEANS-Placing with

Who discovered the word photosynthesis?

The word wasn't "discovered", it was coined from Greek: photo for light and synthesis to make. So, making something from light.

What does the word photo mean in greek?


What word mean putting stuff together out of light?


What photosynthesis mean?

The term photosynthesis comes from the words "photo", which means light, and "synthese", which means synthesis. It is the process by which plants manufacture their food.

One of the two parts of photosynthesis?

light, photo means light. Photograph - light picture (roughly) photosynthesis is synthesis of energy (glucose) from light

What does the root photo mean?

Ancient Greek photos which means light.

What do the prefix and suffix of photosynthesis mean?

Photo refers to light and Synthesis means making. Photosynthesis is the making of energy rich food molecules from the energy in light (plus carbon dioxide in the air and water)