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Imagine this process in the body:

The brain tells your stomach to release chemical A.

Chemical A causes Chemical B to be released.

Chemical B has an effect on your body. Chemical B also tells the brain to stop releasing Chemical A.

The negative feedback is Chemical B telling the brain to stop. If the brain keeps releasing chemical A, then chemical B will keep being released and do things to your body and it would never stop. This creates an imbalance. Therefore, the end products of any reaction in the body tell the source to

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Negative feedback returns/reverses the controlled condition to the normal state. In other words, it returns to homeostasis.

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Negative feedback works like the thermostat in your house. When the body gets too much of one thing it shuts that down and kicks on the antidote.

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Q: What effect does negative feedback have on homeostasis?
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How is homeostasis maintained in the body through negative feedback mechanisms?

how is homeostasis maintained in the body through negative feedback?

What are the two types of homeostasis?

The Negative feedback System & the Positive Feedback System are the two types of Homeostasis

What is the primary mechanism for maintaining homeostasis?

Negative feedback.

How do feedback on mechanisms help maintain homestsasis?

That's negative feedback. Positive feedback ruins homeostasis.

Why negative feedback is essential to a homeostatic system?

Negative feedback loops are important because it helps the body return to homeostasis.

What condition does negative feedback help achie ve?


How the endocrine system regulates homeostasis is known as?

negative feedback

What type of homeostasis feedback reflex is the withdrawal reflex?


Why is temperature control is regarded as an example of a negative feedback?

Temperature control is regarded as an example of negative feedback because it is used in homeostasis.

How does positive feedback maintain cellular homeostasis?

Perhaps you don't understand the meaning of positive and negative feedback. Positive feedback keeps adding to a process. Negative feedback doesn't. If a person fills a bathtub, positive feedback will continue the filling even if it runs over. Negative feedback will turn the water off when the tub is filled. So, negative feedback maintains homeostasis. Homeostasis means "steady state". When a processes is completed, it turns it off. Example: Blood sugar levels remain in a certain range.

Are positive feedback and negative feedback both components of homeostasis?

No, negative feedback is the primary homeostatic mechanism regulating the endocrine system. Positive feedback is used much less frequently.

Organisms rely on both negative feedback processes and behavior to maintain?