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They provide a rigid cage for the action of the diaphragm to allow the lungs to expand. Without ribs, your chest would simply "suck in" whenever the diaphragm moved down, and you would be unable to breathe. This is why a "sucking chest wound" is so dangerous.... it's allowing outside air to surround your lungs, instead of having your lungs fill with air.

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Q: What function do the ribs play in the breathing process?
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Function of ribs and diaphragm in the breathing process?

Ribs are for protection i think and diaphragm is the muscle controlling inhaling and exhaling. Also: the rib muscles can help the breathing process, which is useful when the diaphragm is weak, constricted, or to get an extra-big breath. Breathing from the diaphragm makes the belly move in and out as the lungs extend downwards. Breathing from the rib muscles makes the chest expand and rise.

What is the function of the transverse process?

The transverse process functions as the site of attachment for muscles and ligaments of the spine as well as the point of articulation of the ribs

What is the sternum and how does it function in the human body?

it is a section of cartilage that joins the ribs, also called the solarplex. it allows for your rib cage to expand during breathing

What is the role of diaphragm and ribs in breathing?

The ribs enclose the thoracic cavity providing bony protection for the vital organs of the thorax-the heart and lungs.Because the thorax must expand and contract to allow breathing, the ribs move slightly in a "bucket handle" type of motion with each breath.Therefore the ribs are involved with breathing.

Which body system controls the movement of the ribs in breathing?

The nervous system controls the movement of the ribs during breathing. The movement is performed by the musculoskeletal system.

What muscle raises your ribs and helps breathing?


What the difference between thoracic and clavicular breathing?

Clavicular breathing relates to the Clavicle/collar bone, it is said to be the worst type of breathing which is a shallow inhalation which raises the collar bone and abdoman. The Thoracic breathing is essentialy breathing from the ribs where the rib muscles expand the ribs and chest.

What bones are the most protection to the abdominal viscera?

The Ribs primary function is to protect the thoracic viscera, or the heart and lungs. The pelvis' main function is to protect the pelvic viscera

State the position and action of the diaphragm and the intercostal muscles?

Position of; Intercostals.. In-between the ribs, running obliquely downwards Diaphragm.. Mid chest separating the thoratic and abdominal cavities. Action; ..Keeps us breathing when working with the ribs, sternum and lungs. ..expands and retracts with breathing

Are the ribs immovable or movable?

Ribs move with the diaphragm to assist in breathing. While they are fairly rigid, just look at how your chest expands and contracts while breathing. If they were immovable, there would be no movement.

What is the helmet shaped muscle under the ribs that controls breathing?


What body organ or structure protects the lungs and supports the breathing?