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Q: What function does the stomach least perform?
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How does the heart works with the stomach?

The heart works with the stomach to perform daily functions. The heart pumps blood to the stomach so that the cells can function properly.

What function do Hadley cells perform?

I think Hadley Cells are cells that make you have more hydronated proxide in your stomach mussel

When an animal's stomach contains enzymes that break down food into smaller molecules that the animal's cells can useenzymes perform this function by?

lowering the ph

What is the primary function of the stomach?

The primary function of the stomach is to digest food.

What is the function of loose connective tissue in the stomach?

function of areolar tissue in the stomach

What is the function of the rugae or folds in the stomach?

The function of the rugae on the stomach wall is to aid in digestion. This smooth's out as the stomach is filled with food.

What is the function of nervous tissue in the stomach?

It controls the function of the muscles of the wall of the stomach and the muscular sphincter. Also, the nervous tissue controls the secretory function of the stomach.

Group of similar cells that perform a similar function?

tissues are group of cell that perform a specific similar function.

What is the only function viruses can perform?

The only function a virus can perform is to make more of themselves.

Dialysis is used to perform the function of?

Dialysis is the machin which is used to perform the function of Kidney .

Who may perform storage function of distribution in economy?

The producer, wholesaler, or retailer may perform this function.

What is the fucntion of the stomach?

The function of the stomach is to digest the food. hhahaha