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yes, one for murder the other for permitting it, or complicity. Juan

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Q: What happens if one of conjoined twins commits murder are they both tried?
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If a person commits a murder then commits suicide are they still charged with the crime of murder?

Tried for murderNo, because you can't charge a dead person. That would be a waste of the court's time to spend tax dollars charging a dead person with a crime.They wouldn't charge a suicide victim with murder any more than they would charge a dead person with murdering someone else.More accurately, it is because the killer would be unable to appear at trial. Imagine that the killer did not commit suicide, but fled the country. A trial could not be conducted in his absence. He would have to be located first and then tried.

What happens to a person who commits treason in China?

They are tried by a "Kangaroo Court" found guilty and sentenced to life in prison. Usually they disappear after about two years. The persons immediately family is also punished.

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Murder cases are usually tried in the county where the murder took place. If the defense attorney thinks the jury pool will be poisoned by the media he can motion for it to be moved.

In the state of Georgia a juvenile who is 13 years of age can be tried as an adult if he or she?

Commits a serious criminal act..

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