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edema develops

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Q: What happens if plasma protein leaks into the tissue spaces?
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Starvation causes the plasma protein levels in the blood plasme to fall how would that affect the formation of tissue fluid in the tissue spaces?

Starvation causes the plasma protein levels to decrease, and when there is less plasma protein in the blood, you get lower Po (Osmotic Pressure). Lower osmotic pressure means less pull (of tissue fluid) so this causes generalized basically, less plasma proteins -> decreased Po -> less pull -> reduced venous clearance --> fluid build up in tissue

What is it called when plasma moves out of the capillaries and into the spaces between tissue cells?


What happens to you without protein?

protein is responsible for building and repairing body tissue so if you did not have any protein you body tissue would die and not repair.

What plasma protein that helps maintain blood volume by pulling tissue fluid into capillaries is?


What types of connective tissue fill in the spaces?

the extracellular matrix. It contains a gel-like ground substance and protein fibers. connective tissues have a lot of extracellular matrix compared to epithelial tissues that have very little.

What is the tissue that is a liquid tissue?


what mineral is widely distributed in plasma and tissue fluid?

The most widely distributed mineral in plasma and tissue fluid is sodium.

What is the difference between cancellous and compact tissue?

Cancellous tissue has spaces inside it, like a honeycomb. Compact tissue is solid and dense with no visible spaces.

What tissue group does the tissue that contains erythrocytes leukocytes and plasma belong to?

Connective Tissue

What is matrix as it pertains to connective tissue?

In biology, matrix refers to the tissue in animal or plant cells, where specialized structures are embedded. It is part of the mitochondrion where the oxidation of organic molecules occurs.

What is colorless tissue fluid called?

Lymph One of them could be plasma.

What is the liquid inside the tissue of the blood?

the plasma .. :))