What happens if you eat toilet paper?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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It's like eating paper- it's not good for you, but you won't die. if you eat toilet paper it will do nothing to you but do not eat toilet paper.

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Q: What happens if you eat toilet paper?
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What happens if a kitten has eaten toilet paper?

NOTHING if he/she eat too much (s)he might get sick

Toilet paper rash?

It happens.

Is it safe for cats to eat SEPTIC SAFE toilet paper?

My cats play with toilet paper. They scratch it, unroll it and roll in it. I can't get them to stop, but they don't eat it. You have a strange CAT. Septic Safe toilet paper is recycled paper with no chemicals. Should be safe to eat as long as it hasn't been used in the toilet or septic tank.

Why do you eat toilet paper?

Go to a doctor.

What happens to toilet paper after it is manufactured?

After toilet paper is manufactured it is taken to the wholesaler, the wholesaler then sells it to a retailer where consumers then buy it for personal use!

What happens to recycling paper?

It depends. The toilet paper is recyled and made into cake wrappers and napkins.

How much toilet paper you eat will you need surgery?

Toilet paper is plant fiber and will be digested and pass through your digestive system to be eliminated.

What Dogs eat paper?

I don't know which dogs eat paper but if they do DON'T LET THEM. It's bad for them.

What can you eat to replace eating toilet paper?

You buy more tasty food instead of toilet paper, so therefore it is out of sight and out of mind. Problem solved.

Can eating toilet paper affect your period?

You can eat toilet paper if you haven't already wiped your bum and it won't make you sick.

Why does your budgie eat your shirt?

it is a substitute for a toilet paper roller and a carrot

Is it harmful for a baby to eat toilet paper?

It should pass harmlessly.